Concrete can be pigmented to achieve virtually any color you can imagine, and there are multiple process options.

Here are the three main coloration methods artisan firms like Dogpaw use:

  • Integral pigmenting refers to the use of a colored powder that is mixed into wet concrete, resulting in a color that penetrates the full depth of the slab. This is a permanent and predictable way to color precast concrete, and the color choices are nearly limitless. A great place to start looking at colors is Davis Design:
  • Acid staining is less predictable than an integral pigment but adds a little magic to the process courtesy of metallic salts that react with the concrete. Acid staining is performed on hardened slabs and results in a permanent color change. Acid staining does not offer as many color options as basic pigmenting.
  • Dye, a liquid available in a wide range of colors, is applied to cured concrete and penetrates only the top layer of the material. It’s important to note that some dyes are not UV stable.