Color options for concrete countertops

March 16, 2017Customization
Concrete can be pigmented to achieve virtually any color you can imagine, and there are multiple process options. Here are the three main coloration methods artisan firms like Dogpaw use: Integral pigmenting refers to the use of a colored powder that is mixed into wet concrete, resulting in a color that penetrates the full depth of [...]

How to seal concrete countertops

March 16, 2017Customization
Sealing concrete is essential to creating a durable and versatile product that will withstand years of use. Bare concrete is porous and vulnerable to staining and chemical attack, as liquids tend to soak into the surface and stain the concrete itself. Furthermore, acidic substances like vinegar and lemon juice will dissolve the cement paste, etching the surface. [...]

How durable are concrete countertops?

March 16, 2017Facts
Concrete is an incredibly durable building material composed of water, a binder and a filler. The binder is cement, while the filler -- an aggregate -- can be anything from sand, gravel and stone to crushed glass and beads. Precast concrete is highly resistant to impact, heat, abrasion, corrosion, and even weathering. The right finishing sealer will improve [...]

How much do concrete countertops cost?

March 16, 2017Cost
A good rule of thumb on the cost of precast, in-home concrete installations is around $85 to $100 per square before delivery and installation. Your budget for delivery and installation will vary depending upon access to your site and the complexity of your installation, but on average will add another 40% to your costs. Keep in mind [...]